Immunity after passing coronavirus could be higher than expected

Updated: Monday, May 31, 2021 3:05 PM

Published: 05/31.2021 3:04 PM

People who have passed the coronavirus enjoy long immunity. At least that’s what a study by a team from Lombardy, northern Italy, which investigated the level of reinfection of the disease in one of the first regions of Europe to face the COVID-19.

In view of this, Newtral expert and broadcaster Mario Viciosa calls the discovery made by Italian researchers “very interesting”, and underlines the optimism behind the data: “About a year after the arrival of the virus, they have shown that documented reinfections barely reach 0.3%, ”he explains.

The key, according to Viciosa, lies precisely in the location of the study site: “Studying northern Italy is interesting because what circulated there in February 2020 was practically the same as the Wuhan virus. And this is the model with current vaccines. been manufactured, ”he adds. That is, there is evidence that these first infected hardly had any problems.

However, the expert also points out that the variant factor is important. What is circulating today on the old continent (Indian and British strains) accumulates enough changes to be considered practically new strains, warns Viciosa. But, in turn, remember: “In general, the second infection is not worse than the first, we have more variants and with compromising mutations, but even so we only see them emerging in countries with massive infections. “

This way, the conclusions are clear: “The immunity we have is quite good, and there are more and more indications that it is lasting. The secret seems to be in our bone marrow … Good news for the start of this week, “it’s over.

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