Impact of a black hole on the earth: Gamma ray shards from Black Hole could fry the earth:

Scientists have long believed that after entering a black hole, no matter could escape it. Its gravity is so great that it even engulfs the light. However, that’s not the only way black holes can cause destruction. It can also emit such a powerful beam of energy which can reduce everything to ashes.

In fact, gamma-ray bursts come out of black holes. These beams are so powerful that they can go beyond anything by burning them. These beams emerge 90 degrees from the black hole’s disc. When a star collapses or two neutron stars collide, a huge amount of energy is released which moves in the form of a GRB.

go roast the earth
Speaking of earth, we have armor to protect us from gamma rays. The ozone layer blocks the sun’s harmful gamma rays, but if a powerful GRB is born in our galaxy, it can destroy it too. These rays are so powerful that they can even tear apart DNA and remove electrons from atoms.

What is the probability of such destruction?
Their speed is equal to that of light. That is, if such a GRB occurs, we will not have time to save ourselves. However, the probability of this is much lower. To harm the earth, it will have to be born from our galaxy. Researchers believe Earth will be more threatened by an asteroid than GRB.

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