Impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland: What is the Northern Ireland Protocol: What is the Irish Sea border: What is the sausage war between EU and Great Britain: dispute between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a firm stance on trade rules after Britain’s exit from the European Union. They say that after many years of discussion and debate, the demand to review things decided in December again in June may not be serious. At the same time, US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have spoken of being together on this issue. In fact, the post-Brexit trade decision for Northern Ireland is still deadlocked.

Why is Northern Ireland important?
Northern Ireland is the only part that connects Ireland to part of the European Union. As a result, he has become an important link in the Brexit controversy. With the opening of the Irish border, it is possible that peace and order will be maintained. People come and go by this route as well, and business is also done comfortably. It’s an easy way for Northern Irish people to travel to both Ireland and the UK. This is where the controversy arose after Brexit.

What is the impact of Brexit?
The way the UK government looks for Brexit, new hurdles can arise in doing business. Britain and the European Union agreed that a border could not be placed in Ireland as this would affect the peace process. In its place, an ‘Irish Sea border’ (Northern Ireland Protocol) was created which eliminates customs controls at the Irish border, and Northern Ireland is still part of the single market in Europe and UK domestic market.

Ireland’s business in danger?
However, part of Britain believes that Northern Ireland’s place in the UK is weakening and the demands of this Irish organization are increasing. Northern Ireland also encountered many problems after financially leaving the European Union on December 31. The markets have suffered a lot because of the Corona epidemic. For a while it was even necessary to remove border personnel from ports. There is also resentment against UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who previously said that due to Brexit tougher rules would not be imposed on trade.

What is the latest controversy?
The latest controversy concerns the sausage war between Northern Ireland and Britain. Recently, it was reported that Britain may delay the introduction of rules on meat from Great Britain in Northern Ireland after the end of the grace period at the end of June. The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson also said there was no compelling reason to ban meat from Northern Ireland. He says it will affect the people of Northern Ireland. At the same time, the EU has called this a violation of the protocol.

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