impact of the asteroid apophis on the earth: the asteroid apophis no impact for the next 100 years: the collision of the asteroid apophis with the earth

According to a study conducted during the NASA radar observation campaign, there is currently no risk of asteroid processes colliding with Earth. According to this research, when the 1,100-foot asteroid approached Earth in the past, astronomers made more precise studies and calculations on it. For this, the radio antenna of the Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex of Deep Space Networks was used.

No chance of collision
New data has improved the accuracy of Apophis’ orbit. According to David Farnosia of the Center for NEO Studies at NASA, the possibility of a collision is no longer until 2068. Based on the calculations, there is no possibility of a collision for the next 100 years. This gave a more accurate estimate of its position in 2029 and also provided precision on forward movement. On this basis, Apophis is now removed from the list of dangers.

Asteroid Apophis: The asteroid Apophis, which has passed very close to Earth, could cause havoc in 2029
NASA keeps an eye
Apophis has been placed on the CNEO’s risk list, which contains 21 such asteroids with the potential to strike the earth over the next 100 years. There is a possibility that Apophis will approach 20 thousand miles from Earth in April 2029. He can then be seen in the Eastern Hemisphere without any equipment. It was previously believed that in 2068, Apophis could have a collision with Earth, which would have an impact equal to 80,000 nuclear bomb explosions from Hiroshima.

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