Impact of the asteroid on the rainforests: the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs gave birth to the Amazon forests: the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs in the rainforest

How did dinosaurs disappear from the earth? There is a theory that this happened as a result of the asteroid disaster. A known study predicted that the rainforest was also born on earth due to the collision of this asteroid. Researchers studied pollinator and leaf fossils and found the effect of the collision here. According to the report published in Science, after this collision, the forest in this place changed rapidly forever.

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According to Dr Monica Carvalho of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, the team studied 50,000 pollen fossils and 60,000 leaf fossils. These included fossils before and after the collision. They found that coniferous plants and cone-shaped ferns were common before asteroids, but later about 45% of the plant variety perished and many species became extinct.

What has the asteroid changed?

The most interesting thing is that today sunlight does not reach the ground in tropical forests. The upper part of tall trees is so thick and dense that there is no light. This was not the case before. Previously, all trees were at a distance and their upper parts did not overlap. Researchers say that due to the first dinosaurs, they had to stay away. The dinosaurs must also eat them. Apart from this, there is also a theory that the ash produced after the collision donated nutrients to the soil, which caused the flowering plants to grow rapidly.

Why is this discovery important?

It has also been hypothesized that the disappearance of coniferous species has led to the spread of other species. It is possible that tropical forests like these were born today for all of these reasons. According to Dr Carvalo, it makes sense that due to a major event or impact, it would be difficult to return the changes and replace them with another system. The training of this system is also very time consuming.

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