Impeachment of Donald Trump: Donald Trump condemns violence on Capitol Hill but silent on impeachment: Donald Trump condemned violence on Capitol Hill but silent on impeachment

Outgoing US President Donald Trump on Thursday explicitly condemned the attack on Capitol Hill (US Parliament) on Thursday and said no explanation could be given for such violence. However, Trump did not comment on the impeachment against him in this video. The country’s House of Representatives passed an impeachment motion against Trump on the charge of capital violence itself. With that, Trump also became the first president to be impeached twice.

In a video recorded at the White House Oval Office, Trump said: “Violence and vandalism have no place in our country … and there is no place for it in our performance either. . ” The President said: “The campaign to make America great again” has always been associated with upholding the rule of law, supporting the men and women associated with law enforcement and maintaining traditions. and the country’s most sacred values. This was the case.

‘My true supporter will not commit violence’
Trump said: “The attack on the US Capitol damaged our republic.” It has hurt and angered millions of Americans, regardless of which political party they believe in. I categorically condemn the attack last week. He said, “The mob violence goes against everything I believe in and our campaign. My true supporter will never support such political violence. My true supporter will never disrespect the law or the great flag of our America. None of my supporters will ever intimidate or threaten their fellow Americans.

Trump said that because of Kovid-19, the past year has been difficult and the country has experienced unchecked political violence. He said: “We have seen many riots, tumultuous crowds, intimidation and many acts of destruction. It will certainly have to stop.

‘No explanation for the violence’
Trump said: “Whether you are on the right or on the left, Democrat or Republican, no explanation for the violence can be given.” No excuse can be given, no exemption can be given. Legal action will be taken against all those involved in the violence last week. The president said he also appealed to all who believe in his “agenda” to help him keep the peace in the country.

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Sentenced in the last video

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