Impeachment of Donald Trump: Donald Trump refuses to testify at the impeachment hearing of the Senate

House impeachment officials on Thursday called on former President Donald Trump to testify at the Senate impeachment hearing regarding his role in the Jan.6 incident, but his attorney made it clear he was not would not come to testify. In a letter to Trump, Senior Director Jamie Ruskin asked him to testify under oath during or before the hearing.

This letter was sent after Trump’s legal team filed a response to the impeachment case. In response, his team said: “The impeachment is directed against a person who has a position related to him … because he (Trump) is now If there is no president, then the impeachment cannot be made against him. Jamie Ruskin said in a letter to Trump: “Two days ago you filed a response, denying many factual allegations related to the impeachment …”

He said in the letter: “As you refute these factual allegations, I call on you to testify under oath regarding your role in the incident of January 6, 2021, whether at the impeachment hearing or in the Senate. I can testify first. We want you to testify on Monday February 8, 2021 and if possible, do not delay it from Thursday February 11, 2021. ”

On the letter, Jason Milne, the former president’s senior counsel, said Trump would not testify. He said: “The former president will not testify at the unconstitutional hearing.” In Miller’s statement, Ruskin said, “Today I gave President Trump the opportunity to testify about the January 6 incident and he refused. Despite his attorney’s statement, anyone accused of inciting gun violence against the US government should be given the opportunity to testify freely and honestly … But when the officer has something to say in his defense. We will prove at the hearing that Trump’s conduct is unacceptable. ”

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