Impeachment of Donald Trump: history of attack on Capitol Hill in the United States and impeachment of Donald Trump: attack on the United States parliament threatens impeachment of Donald Trump

In American history, as it happened this time around the presidential election, it rarely happened. Democrats under President Donald Trump who weren’t ready to accept Biden’s victory, but hardly anyone would have imagined the situation would be so bad. Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol on Wednesday, sparking violence and losing their lives. Historians say the country’s parliament saw such a situation for the first time in at least 200 years. This incident is so serious that the Republican leaders themselves have started to demand the impeachment of Donald Trump after this attack on democracy.

… when the bullets entered the house

Capitol Hill Historical Society’s director of scholarships and operations, Samuel Holiday, told CNN that this was the first time since the War of 1812 that the Capitol had been admitted. Then, in August 1814, the British attacked the building and set it on fire. In 1954, three male visitors and a woman sat in the bedroom of the house with guns in the gallery. These members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party demanded the independence of the country. He opened fire in the House on the afternoon of March 1, 1954 and waved the flag of Puerto Rico. Five members of Congress were injured in this incident. (Photo: United States House of Representatives Collection)

‘Attack on Democracy’

After this incident that rocked the whole world with the country, only the leaders of the Republican Party began to demand the impeachment of Donald Trump before January 20. On that day, the groundbreaking ceremony must take place for Biden to take over. The leaders demanded the impeachment of Trump by impeachment. A former senior official said the president has done such a job that even with only a few days left in his tenure, he should be removed from office. They say the attack is a setback for the whole system.

Will Donald Trump be impeached?

Some MPs say preparations for impeachment have also started. However, it is not yet clear whether there are enough members to remove the trump. According to CNN, after Trump is impeached and removed from office, the Senate could prevent him from returning to federal office in the future. A Senate vote would disqualify him forever. Under the 25th Amendment to the country’s constitution, a majority of Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet are expected to vote to remove Trump from office. This would constitute a major step in itself, citing instability in “the exercise of the functions and duties of one’s post”.

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