impeachment of Donald Trump: Nancy Pelosi warns Donald Trump of impeachment if he does not resign: Nancy Pelosi’s warning to Donald Trump if he does not resign

Strong points:

US President Donald Trump’s problems have escalated; capitals did not press to resign because of the incident. Preparations for impeachment will take place under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that if President Donald Trump does not resign “ immediately ” in the event of crowd urging into the Capitol building, the House would continue the impeachment process for dismiss him. Joe Biden will be sworn in on Jan.20, following Trump’s defeat in the Nov.3 election.

‘Proceed to the 25th amendment’
Pelosi and Democratic leaders agree Trump should be removed from office immediately following the incident of Trump supporters entering the Capitol Building (Parliament) on Wednesday. Pelosi said in a statement on Friday: ‘MPs expect Trump to resign immediately, but if he doesn’t I have asked the Rules Committee to proceed with the 25th Amendment and the impeachment motion. by MP Jamie Ruskin. Go.

‘Immediate start process’
After hours of discussion on the Democratic House caucus issue, he said: “As per the rule, the House will retain all options, including the 25th Amendment, the impeachment proposal, the impeachment privilege motion. “. Indo-American MK Pramila Jaipal said the impeachment process should begin immediately.

“ America is not sure because it lives on the trump ”
MP Qiyelai Kahle has said he fully supports Trump’s withdrawal from the presidency, either by using the 25th Amendment or by bringing in a fourth article of impeachment against him. He said America suffers from insecurity due to Trump staying in the White House. MP Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, led Democratic lawmakers’ call for Trump’s impeachment. In a letter to Pelosi, lawmakers said it was extremely important to hold them accountable for restoring the United States’ world leadership position and the rule of law in terms of democracy.

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Pelosi’s warning

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