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In Spain, more than 3 million people telework, which represents 21.7% of the working population. Spaniards work on average 2 hours more per day since the boom in teleworking due to the health crisis. A motivated team earns 44% more and commitment to the company increases up to 27%

BY RRHH Digital, 01:25 – 06 January 2021

Covid-19 has completely changed the world due to new health needs and has resulted in the forced digitization of all sectors. The fabric of companies and the labor market have been really affected by the pandemic, which has led to the adaptation of human resources departments to the new demands of remote work. In Spain, currently more than 3 million people telework, which represents 21.7% of the employed population according to the latest data from INE (National Institute of Statistics).

Telecommuting has been a cultural revolution and is here to stay, not only because of the coronavirus, but also become a necessity in the new job market. So much so that, according to INE data from March 2020, remote working can increase worker productivity by 5% to 25% compared to face to face. Human resources departments have had to adapt to new ways of working, relying on technological advances and software such as Sesame Time – the most comprehensive time control application on the market – to meet the big challenges of personnel management. remote:

Review of time and projects. Although from a distance it seems difficult to know the profitability of different projects of a company, with different tools it is possible to know the time allocated to the tasks of a specific project and the personnel involved. As if that weren’t enough, you can also find out what task a colleague is working on in real time and know their availability.

Schedule management. According to the latest analysis by NordVPN, Spaniards have been working an average of 2 hours more per day since the major introduction of teleworking due to the health crisis. Creating team models, editing quadrants, knowing employee availability and workload are issues of vital importance in order to ensure the digital disconnection of workers, especially in times of Covid. Currently, 67% of Spanish employees say they answer work calls outside of working hours, 4.8 points more than in the period preceding the pandemic, as shown by the latest data provided by the Infojobs platform.

Team cohesion. Teamwork is the key to the success of the various actions carried out by the HRD. The latest data provided by Sodexo shows that a motivated team achieves 44% more and its commitment to the company increases to 27%.

Document management. With the disappearance of a fixed physical space in which to work, companies saw the need to digitize all of their processes and documents, as well as how to share them. Giving all employees the ability to access and share all documents remotely is important for effective remote team management. IDC Research estimates that Spain will reach $ 44.9 billion in digitization spending in 2021, 0.8% lower than in 2020.

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