Improvements and solutions are sought for telecommuting, coworking and flexible office

Improvements and solutions are sought for telecommuting, coworking and flexible office

ProWorkSpaces Announces Hackathon Flex Offices to Drive Industry Transformation Through Young Talent

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – March 21, 2021

The management of flexible office spaces, coworking and business centers, ProWorkSpaces, in cooperation with the youth association XIRIMIRI, calls the Hackathon Flex Offices on April 10. The event is designed to attract young university students from Madrid and Pamplona who wish to participate in this collective experience by seeking and offering, for a whole day, solutions and improvements regarding new trends such as coworking, office flexible, new job applications and teleworking, among others.

β€œIn our society, and accentuated by new circumstances, the work model is changing very quickly. If a year ago most of the time was face-to-face and with established schedules, we see more and more how tasks can be developed from different places: the office, home or ‘ third spaces ” such as coworking offices. The aim of this hackathon is to get a flood of information and new ideas from young people outside the sector, but who will be part of the workforce in a few years ”, explains Eduardo Salsamendi, president of ProWorkSpaces,

Call for registration

Young people interested in participating can register through EventBrite for the ProWorkSpaces Hackathon for meetings in Madrid or Pamplona.

The participants will be selected in the order of registration by the organizer, the Xirimiri Association, which will also manage the two groups of 10 people who will meet physically in each of the two places and will be connected by videoconference to be able to exchange ideas and impressions of the flexible office industry. Each group will benefit from the support of a facilitator from the Xirimiri Association and a mentor from ProWorkSpaces.

Among all the projects developed during this marathon of ideas, the organization’s jury will choose the winner, who will obtain an award linked to flexible offices, business centers and coworking spaces.

Madrid and Pamplona call registrations

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