Imran Khan: 7 members of the Pakistani army killed again in Balochistan, Imran Khan accuses India – The 7 members of the border corps of the Pakistani army killed in Balochistan, Imran Khan accuses India

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Baloch rebels attack Pakistani army post in Balochistan, seven Pakistani army personnel killed in attack, Imran Khan accuses India of hiding his government and the failure of his army in Islamabad
Insurgent attacks continue unabated despite the efforts of the Pakistani army in Balochistan. Troubled by the atrocities committed by the Pakistani army, the locals contest the power of Imran Khan with weapons. Late Saturday, Baloch rebels attacked the Pakistani army post and killed seven soldiers. After that, Imran Khan, who hides his failures, directly said India’s hand behind this attack.

Pakistani military issued statement
The Pakistani military issued a statement saying that seven of its jawans were killed in the attack on the Frontier Corps sharing post in Harnai, Balochistan. After that, the Pakistani army, seeking revenge on the local population, launched a massive operation throughout the region. By such operations, the Pakistani military accuses them not only of entering the homes of ordinary people, but shoots people like terrorists when they demonstrate.

Imran Khan blamed India for failure
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan described India’s hand behind the attack to hide its failure 10 hours after the attack. He tweeted and said: ‘It is sad to hear the martyrdom of 7 soldiers during the terrorist attack on the Frontier Corps post late at night. My deepest condolences and prayers go to their families. Our nation stands alongside our brave soldiers who face attacks from terrorists backed by India.

There are frequent attacks on the Pakistani army in Balochistan
A few months ago, Baluch rebels targeted an army convoy in Panjgur district. During which three soldiers were killed, while 8 others, including an army colonel, were injured. According to Pakistani media, this was the third attack on a military convoy in Balochistan after May. These rebels are now expanding their attacks to other parts of Pakistan, including Karachi as well.

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Baloch opposes Sino-Pak CPEC
The people of Balochistan have always opposed the China-Pakistan economic corridor. At times, armed rebels of the Balochistan Liberation Army have also been accused of targeting Chinese civilians working in Pakistan. In 2018, the organization was also accused of assaulting the Chinese consulate in Karachi. There are allegations that Pakistan made a decision regarding the CPEC without consulting the Baloch leaders.

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The attacks did not stop despite the formation of a special force
Pakistan has set up a special force, comprising 13,700 special commandos, to protect the $ 60 billion project. Despite this, the attacks against Chinese civilians working in this project are increasing. The Baloch Liberation Army Majid Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange in June.
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Baluchistan is strategically important
Balochistan occupies a strategic position in Pakistan. Balochistan borders Pakistan and Iran, which is Pakistan’s largest province. At the same time, Karachi is also in the ranks of such people. Much of the China-Pakistan economic corridor passes through this province. The Baluchi also controlled the port of Gwadar, which Pakistan has now ceded to China.

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