imran khan and bushra bibi breaking news: pakistani prime minister imran khan admits ‘mystic’ does nothing without telling his wife – pakistani prime minister imran khan admits telling his mysterious wife bushra bibi all about it

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Pakistan’s first lady Bushra Begum has been a mystery to the whole world since her marriage, now after a long time Imran Khan has made many revelations about his relationship with his wife Imran Khan said his wife is very intelligent and that it is all Islamabad discusses the matter with them
Pakistan’s first lady Bushra Begum has been a mystery to the world since her marriage. Long after the wedding, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi made several revelations about his secret relationship with Bibi. Imran Khan said his wife was very smart. Imran said he was discussing all government issues with his wife.

Imran Khan’s statement comes at a time when Bushra Bibi faces allegations of leading the government behind the scenes. Bushra Bibi has also been accused of witchcraft. In an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, Imran Khan said: “I discuss every problem with my wife. It also includes the issues I face when running government and dealing with complex situations.

Imran’s wife did not open Bushra’s ‘gate to heaven’, authorities say

‘My life wouldn’t be easy without Bushra Bibi’
The Pakistani prime minister said he was just a jerk who did not tell his wife about all the issues. Imran said: “Bushra Bibi is my partner. She is my soul mate. Without them, my life will not be easy. Imran Khan gave full credit to his wife Bushra Bibi for the smooth running of his government. Throughout the interview, Imran Khan praised Bushra Bibi’s intelligence on several occasions.

Many claims are made about Bushra Bibi

Earlier, an audio of Pakistani MK Tehreek-e-Insaf, Ujma Kardar, of Imran Khan’s party, went viral on social media. It is claimed that Uzma, in a conversation with a journalist friend, blamed Imran Khan’s third wife Bushra Bibi and the Pakistani military. The person who recorded the conversation later went viral.

Imran does not tolerate comments on Bushra Bibi, expels own party MP

‘Bushra reads face, talk to Jinne’
Uzma said in this regard that Prime Minister Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi runs Pakistan and that he cannot do any work without asking his wife. Bushra Bibi reads Imran Khan’s face. Bushra is a woman who talks to the jinn and they learn how the day of Imran went. During this conversation, Uzma is heard saying that Imran is being led by Bushra.

Home staff claim Imran’s wife Bushra is not seen in the mirror

Bushra has drawn a line through the house, no one can beat him. We used to go comfortably to Imran’s house, but after Bushra arrives, leave the rest, not even Shah Mahmud Qureshi can enter. During this conversation, Uzma also spoke a lot about the Pakistani army. He claimed that there is total military interference in the work of the government and what is wrong. This has always happened in Pakistan. No government can function without an army here. Explain that in this conversation he addressed the military under the name of establishment.

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