imran khan balakot air strike: pakistan: imran khan who missed the terrorist attack pulwama misses the balakot air attack, then alapa kashin raag

Two years ago, on February 14, India launched an airstrike in Balakot, Pakistan, with the intention of destroying the terrorists’ hideout to teach a lesson on the attack on Indian soldiers in Pulwama, Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir. It infuriated Pakistan when it entered the Indian border on February 27, it was pushed back by the Indian Air Force. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has not given up on racking his chest over the matter even today. He described Pakistan as a harbinger of ceasefire violations and infiltrators in India, promoting “peace and stability” and put all the blame on India.

‘Irresponsible India, Responsible Pakistan’
Imran tweeted: ‘I congratulate the whole country and my army on two years of India’s illegal military airstrike on Pakistan. As a proud and confident nation, we have responded strongly to our time and to our place. By returning the jailed pilot, we have shown Pakistan’s responsible attitude to the world in the face of Indian India’s irresponsible military instability.

‘India has the responsibility’
Not only that, added Imran: “We are always in favor of peace and are ready to move forward to resolve any issues through dialogue. I welcome the ceasefire on the line of control. India has a responsibility to create an environment conducive to the continuation of negotiations. According to the UNSC resolution, India should take action to meet Kashmir’s longstanding demand for independence and the right to it.

India took revenge on the soldiers
On February 14, 2019, 40 soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack against CRPF soldiers in Pulwama. In response, India targeted terrorist camps and the airstrike on Balakot on February 26. Furious at this, Pakistan sent its plane to the Indian border the next day. The Indian Air Force had given an appropriate response to these planes.

Disclosure about Abhinandan Vardhman: Pakistan War, Nawaz Sharif Against Combat and Intensification of Army Chief
The poll was open to the release of Abhinandan
Meanwhile, the Indian bison MiG-21 had reached Pakistani territory, of which the pilot squadron commander, Abhinandan Vardhaman, had been imprisoned by Pakistan. He was released on March 1, which is why Pakistani leaders have also denounced the government in recent months. Ayaz Sadiq had told the Parliament of Pakistan – “ The feet were shaking and sweating on the forehead and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Qureshi) told us that for Allah we should leave him (Vardhaman) because India at nine o’clock in the morning. Pakistan attacks ”.

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