Imran Khan blames rape victim: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says women wearing less clothes tempt men

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who once advised women to wear veils to avoid rape, has now not only defended his statement, but has even said that wearing female clothes affects men, as long as they are not robots. Obviously, this statement of the Pak PM was not accepted by the people and the anger started to increase because of it.

During an interview, Imran was asked about his statement about the link between rape and obscenity, he said: “This is nonsense. I never said that. I had said that the purdah system is to avoid being courted in society. He said that Pakistan’s society and way of life were completely different.

“The boys have nowhere to go”
Imran said if you increase the appeal of society and all these young boys have nowhere to go, it has consequences. He was asked if you think what women wear has an effect on who is involved in dating? To this, Imran said, “If a woman wears too little clothes, it will have an effect on men, unless she is a robot. This is common sense.

“I have an impact on my society”
He said if there is a society where people haven’t seen anything like it, it will have an effect on men. Asked about his life as an international cricket star, he replied: “It’s not about me. This is my company. My priority is the behavior of the company. When I see sex crimes on the rise, we sit down and discuss how to deal with it. It affects my company.

victim of anger
Imran receives a lot of criticism over this statement. People say that with such thoughts the guilty are released from their responsibility. It was also called an insult to the victims and the question was asked, what about the women who wore so-called “decent” clothes? People say it’s a difference in mindset, not in clothes. In India, too, Internet users on Twitter condemned Imran’s statement.

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Tips for promoting the practice of purdah
Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan, surrounded by growing incidents of rape in Pakistan, advised women to wear veils to avoid this cruelty. Not only that, Imran Khan held India and Europe responsible for the obscenity. Imran Khan said, “We must promote the cultivation of the purdah system so that temptation can be avoided. Imran Khan said: “Delhi is called the capital of rape and in Europe vulgarity has destroyed their family system. The Pakistani people should therefore help overcome obscenity.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s U-turn reversed this decision

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