Imran Khan: China Xi Jinping Pakistan Imran Khan will support each other at the United Nations: China and Pakistan will support each other at the United Nations

Strong points:

China to strengthen mutual cooperation within UN
China and Pakistan will further strengthen mutual cooperation between the United Nations and several world bodies. The two countries had held a third round of talks on United Nations affairs days earlier by video conference. After which the two countries agreed to strengthen mutual cooperation in international forums. It is believed that if China will benefit from such a deal, Pakistan may have to bear the loss.

What will happen to Pakistan’s independent foreign policy?
All countries have their own independent foreign policy. By which he proclaims the support or the opposition of any question or country on the international scene according to the interests of his country. In such a situation, if something has happened in the interest of China and not of Pakistan, what will happen? It is also suspected that China made it a pledge in exchange for the loan granted to Pakistan.

China, Pakistan to step up mutual cooperation
China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the meeting provided an opportunity to exchange views on a number of multilateral issues of mutual interest in all key areas of the United Nations. Countries agreed to strengthen their cooperation and support each other at the United Nations and other multilateral fora.

Only countries that sow terror are raging against it
According to the Foreign Ministry, the two countries also agreed to firmly defend multilateralism and support the central role of the United Nations in international affairs. The two countries have decided to continue to strengthen their cooperation in counterterrorism operations.

Pakistan buys 74% arms from China in four years
According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) report, Pakistan accounted for 74% of its total arms purchases between 2016-2020. Pakistan ranks tenth in the list of the world’s largest arms buying countries. China sells weapons such as the manufacture of JF-17 fighter jets, Type 054 class warships, optical missile tracking systems to its friend Pakistan.

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