Imran Khan: flight from Pakistan to United Arab Emirates and Saudi visit of Indian army chief Imran Khan surrounded by home

Pakistan is sleepy with Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane (MM Narwane) visiting the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan criticizes the government, seeing the Indian army chief’s big reception in both countries. General Narwane is the first Indian army chief to visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Several photos of General Narwane’s visit to Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been posted on the official Indian Army Twitter account.

Former PM Abbasi Targeted Imharan
Former Pakistani prime minister and opposition leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has targeted Imran Khan for his foreign policy. In a conversation with a private news channel, he said that we cannot decide the foreign policy (foreign policy) of other countries, but we should think about our foreign policy. We should see if our relations with these countries have increased or decreased compared to Gurbat’s business.

Abbasi said – bitterness came from Qureshi’s statement
He said whether or not Saudi Arabia has relations with India is his personal question. No country can control the other. The point is, we have to see at home whether our relations with Saudi Arabia have improved or not. Since our Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke about Saudi Arabia, our relations with Saudi Arabia have become bitter.

Former Pakistan ambassador praised Indian foreign policy
Abdul Basit, who served as Pakistan’s ambassador to India, also called the Indian army chief’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates very important. He tweeted that India’s foreign policy is aggressive. He expressed the possibility that in the coming days, the military from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia could also do military exercises with India. He also praised India’s foreign policy.

Imran Khan will take loan after loan, ‘poor’ will take ‘bailout’ from Pakistan, China, Arabia
Pakistanis criticize Imran Khan
The Pakistani general public is also critical of the Imran Khan government for the grand reception of the chief of the Indian army in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Pakistanis say Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have become friends with India due to Imran Khan’s bad foreign policy. A few months ago, Saudi Arabia withdrew its $ 3 billion loan to Pakistan.

UAE Closed Work Visa for Pakistanis
The UAE has stopped granting work visas to Pakistani nationals. The government is angry at the involvement of Pakistani citizens behind the Corona virus and the rise in crime in the UAE. The UAE has also extended a huge debt to Pakistan. By the end of this month, Pakistan will also have to pay the UAE $ 1 billion.

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