Imran Khan: Fourth Hindu Girls Abducted In Pakistan In Last 36 Days, What Imran Khan Do: Four Hindu Girls Abducted In Pakistan In 36 Days, What Imran Khan Does

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Four Hindu girls kidnapped in Pakistan in 36 days, forced to confess Islam, denigrated for a change of religion; Four incidents in Sindh, three girls smuggled on behalf of minors
The Hindu girls of Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan” are getting worse. Four Hindu girls have been kidnapped in the past 36 days in Sindh, famous for her conversion. Not only that, most of the girls who were kidnapped converted them and made them into marriage. What’s great is that three of the four abducted Hindu girls are underage. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, on the other hand, remains silent on these conversion incidents. The police are also looting the whole affair, as the abducted girls come from poor sections of minorities.

13-year-old girl kidnapped in Sindh
The new case is reported in Hyderabad district, Sindh province. Where a 13-year-old Hindu girl from the town of Husri was kidnapped by fundamentalists and forced into marriage. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, a Hindu member of the Pakistani National Assembly, said the kidnapped named girl was Pooja Meghwar. We filed a written complaint with the police. The truth will not be known until the police can recover the kidnapped girl.

Worker’s father made serious allegations against police
Pooja’s father, Chetan Meghwar, works in a textile factory. He said we tried a lot to register an FIR with the police, but they don’t listen to us. When Hindu politician Ramesh Kumar Vankwani intervened in the case, he filed a complaint.

Three girls were also kidnapped earlier
Even before that, three Hindu girls were kidnapped and forcibly converted in Sindh province. Whose names are Aarti Meghwar, Kavita and Reena Meghwar. As reported by The Rise News, a little Hindu girl named Aarti Meghwar has been kidnapped from Daharki. At the same time, the second underage girl, Kavita, was abducted from Kashmore Tangwani. The third daughter, Reena Meghwar, was abducted on February 13 and then married to a middle-aged man in Dadu.

Pakistan: Hindu teacher forced to confess Islam, fundamentalists name Ayesha
Clerics and kidnappers get money!
Reena Meghwar’s uncle Hamir said he complained to many officials about it, but to no avail. Hamiro said he was under pressure to meet the girl, so that the cleric could prove to the media, under the same excuse, that the girl came on her own. He also alleged that the person who kidnapped the girl and Maulvi Nikah was getting a lot of money from both.

Increased cases of conversion to lockout
During the Corona virus lockdown in Pakistan, there was a huge conversion of Hindu and Christian girls. Pakistani human rights activists have expressed concern that, as a result, the feeling of insecurity in the minds of minorities has also increased rapidly. The fanatical attitude of the police in Imran Khan’s government and the absence of strict laws encouraged and strengthened fundamentalists.

Three Hindu girls kidnapped in Pakistan in 26 days, fundamentalists forcibly converted to Islam
Nikah kidnapped a 14 year old Christian girl
In the last week of October, a 13-year-old Christian woman, Arju Raja, was kidnapped by a middle-aged 44-year-old man in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. After which, he forcibly converted the girl and married her. The person Arju is married to is also double the age of his children. Arju’s husband is currently in jail for child marriage and rape, but she is hidden from fear.

Most conversions take place in this province of Pakistan
This is not the first incident in Sindh, infamous for atrocities on minorities. According to the report from the last week of June, there was a case of Hindus converting to Islam on a large scale in Sindh province. 102 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam in Badin, Sindh.

Pakistan: Maulvi Sharif, main accused of sabotage and arson in Hindu temple arrested
More than 1000 girls convert each year
According to the human rights organization Movement for Solidarity and Peace (MSP), more than 1,000 Christian and Hindu women and girls are abducted every year in Pakistan. After which they are converted and converted to Islamic rituals. Most of the victims are between 12 and 25 years old.

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