Imran Khan: Imran Khan gave Sheikh Rasheed a cold shoulder after winning vote of confidence in Pakistani parliament: Imran Khan did not shake hands with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

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Imran Khan in his entire parliament, he was waiting for his Home Secretary Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to be ignored.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in his own cabinet insulted the Parliament of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. Meanwhile, anyone who saw the helplessness and helplessness on Shaykh Rashid’s face couldn’t live without laughing. In fact, the Imran Khan government won the vote of confidence in the Pakistani parliament on Friday. After that, Prime Minister Imran Khan shook hands with all MPs and ministers of his party. During this time, Imran Khan also reached the seat of Sheikh Rashid, but he shook hands with the deputies sitting next to him and spoke but did not even look towards Sheikh Rashid.

Sheikh Rashid sitting disrespectfully
However, Rashid Saheb was avidly trying to push his paw forward to join his Prime Minister Imran Khan. When Imran walked over to the front line leader without looking at him, Sheikh Rashid smiled and sat in disguise. Sheikh Rashid is the same minister who threatened to attack India with the POW atomic bomb.

Sheikh Rashid was the prime minister of railways
Many political analysts in Pakistan have already said that Imran Khan does not like his own minister Sheikh Rashid. This is the reason why Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was formerly Minister of Railways of Pakistan, but seeing him not in charge of the ministry, Imran Khan was appointed Minister of the Ministry of Interior (Ministry of Interior). In fact, Imran is worried about Rashid’s vote bank.

Threatened to attack with a large-scale atomic bomb
Please say that Sheikh Rashid participated in the discussion earlier because of his statements. After the withdrawal of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, he gave India a shake and declared that Pakistan has a large number of nuclear bombs which can attack India.

The current was started after taking the name of PM Modi
During an event where Sheikh Rashid received an electric shock from the microphone. At the time he was electrocuted, he was taking the name PM Modi. Video of this incident also went viral on social media. Not only that, he had claimed that India was lagging behind.

Pak minister stormed, claiming to sell more than 24 million Eid train tickets
Was beaten in London
In August 2019, Sheikh Rashid was severely beaten by people at an event in London. During this time, eggs were also thrown at them. Before the police arrived, the minister had to flee the scene to save his life.

Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid Ahmed

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