Imran Khan: Imran Khan: Imran Khan’s threat to Kashmir, Pakistan, made in the name of Allah, we are not afraid of India

Strong points:

Imran Khan tried again to spread propaganda on behalf of Kashmir, during the rally at POK, many false accusations against Kashmir against India, promising people to choose their own will, said they would join Pakistan
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a public meeting in Kotli in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to create new propaganda on behalf of Kashmir. During this time, he not only spat venom at India, but also expressed support for the appearances against the Kashmiris. Not only that, Imran Khan even said that if India complied with the UN resolution, it would also give the Kashmiris the right to decide their own fate.

Imran will give Kashmiris the right to choose
Imran Khan said that I wanted to remind the United Nations today that you have failed to fulfill your right and your promise. Whenever the Kashmiris are right, when the Kashmiris decide their fate and when the people of Kashmir decide for Pakistan. Then Pakistan will give the people of Kashmir the right to choose their choice. In which they will decide that they want to be free, to stay with Pakistan.

In the name of Islam people have been misled
Imran Khan has done his best to deceive the Pakistani people, even in the name of Islam in Kotli. He said we were ready to talk to India. But don’t view it as our weakness. India might have understood this last time that we wanted to be friends in the face of any weakness. This country belongs to those people who were built on the plinth of La Ilaha Ilallah. These are not people who bow down to anyone except Allah. There is no fear of anyone, and there cannot be. The entire Muslim world is with you.

Imran Khan: According to Imran Khan, India takes one step towards solving the Kashmir problem, Pakistan is ready to take two steps
Slavery of Pakistanis to Allah
Imran did not stop there. He even said that those who are slaves of one Allah cannot be the slavery of another. So never understand that when we tell you (India) that we will be friends, we fear or fear someone. We want the Kashmiris to get their rights, this oppression is over, the Kashmiris should also decide about their own lives. It is their human right and their democratic right.

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