Imran Khan: Imran Khan made a condition for talks with India

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been eagerly awaiting talks with India for several months. Today, whenever he has the opportunity to speak, whatever the context, he definitely evokes relations with India and Kashmir. Even after a meeting with the president of Tajikistan, who arrived in Islamabad two days ago, Imran was quick to discuss with India. Now in a conversation with the Reuters news agency, he has also said he is ready to hold talks if India reinstates Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, India has made it clear that there will be no talks until Pakistan stops terrorism.

Offer to negotiate with condition
On the question posed in the talks with India, Imran said that if there is a roadmap, then yes, we will talk. Previously, Imran Khan and several leaders of his government said that before starting the process of normalizing relations with India, it will have to return the abolished status of Kashmir in 2019. At the same time, if this condition of the Pakistan is seen from India’s point of view, it seems impossible at the moment.

Imran wants article 370 back
Suffice to say that on August 5, 2019, India abolished Articles 370 and 35A implemented in Jammu and Kashmir. Since then, the Constitution and laws of India have been fully implemented in this state. Not only that, the government of India, dividing Jammu and Kashmir into two parts, abolished the status of the state and made it a Union territory. Angered by this decision, the Pakistani government had withdrawn its ambassador by stopping bilateral trade with India.

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Imran asks India for a Kashmir roadmap
Imran Khan said that if India gives us a roadmap indicating that these steps which we are fundamentally illegal against international law and UN resolutions, we will take steps to remake them in the old position, we are then ready for talks. Imran even claimed that he had always wanted civilized and open relations with India. Citing the example of the European Union, he said it is common knowledge that if you want to reduce poverty in the subcontinent, the best way is to do business with each other.

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India’s only response – stop terrorism first
Whenever India talks about stopping terrorism on the issue of talks with Pakistan. India has made it clear that as long as Pakistan continues to sponsor terrorism, there will be no talks with it. At the same time, Pakistan will continue to encourage terrorism and terrorists in accordance with its government policy.

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