Imran Khan: Imran Khan News: Will Imran Khan leave Pakistani power? Spell Pain in the Name of the Country – Imran Khan on Pakistani Senate Election Attacks on PDM Opposition Parties on Corruption

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan cried a lot today in the Senate over the crushing defeat of his Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. He has targeted opposition parties for corruption, while openly alleging that opposition candidate Yusuf Raza Gilani fiercely distributed the money. Imran said that when I first came to Pakistan from India, it seemed like a rich country came from a poor country. He said right away that even if his government showed up during the trust the day after tomorrow, he would not feel sorry.

The opposition is under pressure by defeating Hafiz Sheikh
Imran cited a video claiming his party leaders were openly drawn to 2 to 2 crore. Imran also attacked the consent of the Election Commission to the Supreme Court in favor of the secret ballot in senatorial elections. Imran Khan has said directly that his candidate has been defeated by the sold leaders. He said that after defeating Hafeez Sheikh, the opposition continued to pressure us to compromise with the NRO by corrupting them.

I didn’t go into politics for money
Imran said that I did not come to make money in politics. I already had so much money and fame that I could live my whole life in peace. But I decided to get into politics for the country. I will not compromise with the corrupt at any cost.

If the government leaves, there is no sadness
Imran Khan attacked the opposition and said all opposing slogans would suspend the sword of defiance from me. I take the personal confidence motion. This is your rightful possession. If you protest, I will be in the opposition, I will not share the money. God must be impressed. I will accept the vote of confidence of my assembly. All the great PDM leaders have the message that if my power is lost what difference will it make for me, I did not make factories or give work to relatives.

Explained to Awam the meaning of the FATF gray list
Graylisting means if you don’t follow their rules, they’ll blacklist you. When you enter the blacklist, the country’s rupee will drop. This will increase inflation in the country. Because all the goods that need to be ordered from outside the country will become expensive. People have to pay more for electricity for fuel.

I spend money only on travel and security
Imran Khan also made a passionate appeal among people about his low expenses. He said Pakistan is a very poor country so I spend money on travel and security, I spend everything else myself. My life won’t matter if I no longer have power. I will not leave anyone until every penny in the country is returned. There will be no difference in my life. As long as I am alive, I will continue to fight against them for the homeland of the country.

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