Imran Khan: Imran Khan Pakistani government will charge fees for treatment of rape victims: Pakistani government of Imran Khan will charge fees on behalf of treatment of rape victims

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Pakistani government to charge huge fees for treatment of rape victims: Imran Khan home state medical college announced 17 new autopsy fees, even families of dead Islamabad
The Pakistani government of Imran Khan is no longer in the mood to spare even rape victims to fill the country’s treasury. The University of Khyber Medical College located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Imran Khan’s home state, is preparing to collect money from the victims of the victims. The Forensic Department of the Faculty of Medicine has proposed to set a fee of 25,000 rupees for the treatment of rape victims and 5,000 rupees for the autopsy.

Medical school will charge 17 kinds of new fees
According to information from the Express Tribune, this decision was taken during the management committee of the faculty of medicine which was held on February 14. The committee also announced the imposition of 17 types of new fees, citing a financial shortage at Khyber Medical College. Obviously, the burden on the Pakistani general public who are already suffering from these economic costs will increase further.

Police will also pressure victims’ families
Pakistani police already lack funds to investigate crime cases. They have to meet exam expenses with a very modest budget. In such a situation, Pakistani police officers will also pressure the families of the victims not only for the autopsy, but also for the DNA test and medical check-up of rape victims.

Police ask for money for gasoline and diesel
Speaking to the Express Tribune, Pakistani social worker Timur Kamal alleged that when we go to a police station to file a complaint, the police ask in advance for money for diesel or gasoline. to check out the place. Now they will ask the general public not only to pay for the autopsy, but also for the medical examination of rape victims. Therefore, such a proposal must be opposed.

Fees will also be charged for the custody of the corpse
The College of Medicine’s proposed plan also mentions a 24-hour fee payment of Rs 1,500 to keep the corpses in a morchary with a cold room. Apart from this, Rs 18000 will be charged for the DNA test. An official from the college said that if it was Peshawar there would be a fee of Rs 5,000 for the autopsy, while if the post mortem of bodies from outlying districts would be charged Rs 25,000. Apart from that, 20,000 rupees will need to be paid to verify the father.

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