Imran Khan: Imran Khan wants Islamic blasphemy laws in Europe to warn Pakistan and Muslim world about boycott of trade: Imran Khan called on Muslim countries to pass Islamic blasphemy laws in European countries

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is now trying to become the leader of Muslim countries around the world. He has now started to advocate for the development of blasphemy laws in Western countries, kneeling down to agitation from Pakistan’s religious parties. Inaugurating the Southern Punjab Civil Secretariat in Multan, Punjab, Imran Khan said his goal was to bring all Muslim countries together to enact blasphemy laws like Jews in Western countries. Not only that, despite Bengali, he also appealed to the Pakistani people to boycott expensive goods from the west.

Imran called on Muslim countries to come together
Imran said we should ask Europe, the European Union and the United Nations to stop hurting the feelings of 1.25 billion Muslims. I want Muslim countries to plan joint action on this issue with trade boycott warnings to blasphemous countries. This will be the most efficient step to achieve our goal.

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Open attack on France
Imran Khan said it was a crime in France to question the veracity of the Nazi Holocaust of Jews during World War II, which could lead to a prison sentence. Such a law exists in many European countries. However, it is free to post obscene caricatures of religious legends, including the Prophet of the Muslim faith. He said the Pakistani government was already in contact with many Muslim countries on this issue. This was discussed by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi with the Foreign Ministers of the four Muslim countries.

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Imran also spoke about TLP violence
Meanwhile, Imran Khan also spoke out against the banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan organization, but his words were gentle. Imran said the TLP is taking the route of expelling the ambassador by firing a gun at the Pakistani government. This is not an effective solution to solve this problem. A few days ago, the Pakistani government released Saad, the main accused of inciting violence and the head of this radical organization.

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Opposition leaders accused of failing to develop
Despite being prime minister himself, he accused Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N of failing to develop Punjab. He said the population of southern Punjab made up 33% of the state’s total population, but the budget allocation for this area was only 17% under the Shahbaz Sharif government. He alleged that in the last seven years of Shahbaz Sharif government, the $ 260 billion allocated for southern Punjab had been diverted to other areas.

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