Imran Khan: Imran Khan’s government unable to run Supreme Court of Pakistan: Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled that Imran Khan was incapable of ruling the country

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The Supreme Court of the Supreme Court said that the government was unable to rule the country, or that it was unable to make a decision, the opposition also opened against the Imran government in Pakistan, Morchaislamabad.
Pakistan’s Supreme Court has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Imran Khan government, saying it was unable to rule the country or make decisions. The court also reprimanded the Imran government for failing to convene a Common Interests Council meeting in the past two months. Having heard the case from local bodies, a panel of two Supreme Court justices said the government is either unable to run the country or unable to make a decision.

Court bursts on order from Punjab government
According to the Express Tribune report, a bench of two judges, headed by Judge Sardar Tariq as well as Judge Qazi Faiz Isa, lamented the publication by the Punjab government of a constituency demarcation ordinance as it heard the case of local bodies. The court sent the case back to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for a new hearing.

Supreme Court calls for priority for Imran government
The report states that during the hearing, the Supreme Court was informed that the decision on the census was not taken by the Council of Common Interests (ICC). Expressing his anger, Judge Isa asked why the Common Interest Council had not met in two months. He asked the government if the publication of the census results was not the government’s priority. The judge said the government and its allies have ruled in three provinces and no decision has yet been taken by ICC.

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Is the government incapable of running the country or of making decisions?
The court said the government was unable to run the country or make a decision. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the postponement of the ICC meeting despite the court order and called it an insult to the constitutional body. The tribunal said that no such war situation could prevent CCI from holding its meeting. Judge Isa said four years have passed since the 2017 census.

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The government rushed to keep the report a secret
According to the report, Additional Attorney General Aamir Rehman informed the court that the ICC meeting will be held on March 24. He argued that since this is a sensitive issue, the government wants a unanimous decision. With that, Judge Isa asked why the ICC report was kept secret. He said that if good works are kept secret, it creates doubt in the minds of people.

The court said – let everyone know what the government is doing
He added that people should know what the provinces are doing and what the Center is doing. The judge expressed his displeasure at the announcement of a new delimitation order by the governor of Punjab. According to the electoral commission, the ordinance caused complications. Apart from that, he said that the government of Punjab does not want local elections to be held.

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