Imran Khan: Imran Khna Pakistan Day: The Pakistani dream of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the work of Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan Day

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Pakistan Day Today, today at the Lahore session, a separate country was laid for Muslims. Mohammad Ali Jinnah had held power by giving the slogan of making Pakistan dream, Imranaz heads a puppet government in the hands of extremists and the army. Imran Islamabad
Pakistan is celebrating its national day today. This day is also known as Yeom-e-Pakistan. On March 23, 1940, the Lahore session of the All India Muslim League passed a resolution to create a separate country for Muslims. Based on this Lahore proposal, the Muslim League under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah launched a movement to establish a separate country for Muslims. It is said that the scenario of the partition between India and Pakistan in 1947 was also written today. India and Pakistan gained their independence together. Today, one country has made its way to the Moon and Mars, while the other country is on the path to becoming a poor man. Where Prime Minister Imran Khan, who came to power by promising to make Jinnah Pakistan’s dreams come true, does he know here …

How did Jinnah view Pakistan?
The common belief in India and Pakistan is that Jinnah wanted Muslims to become Pakistan and that Islamic laws and laws should be applied here. However, addressing the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, Jinnah made it clear: “ You are totally free to go to your temples in Pakistan, you can go to mosques or any other creed that you believe in. depending on your Can do pooja, etc. You can follow any religion, caste, or belief – the country will have nothing to do with it. However, the atrocities committed against minorities are not hidden from anyone in Pakistan today.

What were Jinnah’s thoughts on the Pakistani army
Not only that, Jinnah also explicitly mentioned the role of the military in Pakistan. In a message to officials in Quetta on June 14, 1948, the Pakistani leader said: “Executive power begins with the head of government of Pakistan (who is the Governor General) and in this way no order or order is made. issued without his permission. “Maybe go.” But, the whole world knows that the military is all in Pakistan. Pakistani opposition leaders have alleged that Imran Khan was forced to sit in the chair by the Pakistani army.

What is the ideology of Imran Khan?
Imran Khan, who has been in power in Pakistan for over 3 years, is a staunch Islamic leader. Imran Khan has said he fully supports the blasphemy law and will defend it. In fact, there is a lot of controversy over this law in Pakistan, the victims of which are often minorities and there is a provision for the death penalty. Imran is seen as close to fundamentalists and he was also supported by some terrorist organizations during the election. Because of this proximity, Imran is called “Taliban Khan”.

Pakistan is punished for Jinnah’s actions!
Mohammed Ali Jinnah created a Pakistan separate from India, but forgot that this new country was built in the name of religion. This new country will have to make significant efforts to maintain a secular and democratic country and to stay away from religious fundamentalists. In fact, Jinnah was the reason that led Pakistan to become an Islamic Republic. He relied on the military when Pakistan was born again. Jinnah was not a visionary and in 1947 ordered the Pakistani army to launch an offensive against India in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan must now be punished for this wrong move.

Minorities are tortured daily
Hindu temples are being demolished in Imran Khan’s home state, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan’s Sindh Province is known for its religious conversion around the world. In the past 40 days, four Hindu girls have been kidnapped and converted. What’s great is that three of these girls are underage. Each year in Pakistan, around 1,000 Hindu and Christian girls are abducted and converted for religious conversion. Apart from that, minority communities have always been the target of fundamentalists among Muslims. The latest example is the residents of the Hazara community. Many people have been kidnapped by terrorists in broad daylight.

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