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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again made poisonous statements against India. Imran Khan, who appears very pleased with the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, said on Monday that there would be very serious changes in the region, underlining the dominance of the Taliban. In this, India will prove to be the “biggest loser”. He also said that the kind of changes that are going to happen in Afghanistan, America itself will also suffer a lot.

The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has begun and President Joe Biden has set the deadline for September 11. Imran, who arrived in Gwadar, said: “This India faces the biggest problem in Afghanistan. India has invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country where the situation is very complicated. Imran Khan alleged that India is involved in terrorism.

The Pakistani Prime Minister claimed that there is clear evidence that India was involved in the recent terrorist incident in Lahore. He said Pakistan has a very clear policy regarding Afghanistan and is sticking to it. Imran said: “There is no military solution to the problem of Afghanistan. The Afghan side will decide the future of their country. Imran Khan’s statement comes at a time when Pakistan is angered by India’s behind-the-scenes talks with the Taliban.

Imran Khan may be happy with Afghanistan’s shift to Taliban rule, but the Taliban spokesman has made a positive statement in favor of India. The Taliban have said they believe in living in peace with neighbor India and other countries in the region. The Taliban have also said that no country can change its neighbor. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said these things in response to recent questions about India and Kashmir.

Suhail Shaheen said: “Pakistan is our neighbor country. The two countries have a common history and values. India is also our regional country. No country can change its neighbor or its territory. We must certainly accept this reality and live in peaceful coexistence. It is in the best interests of all of us. Suhail described the Taliban as a “nationalist Islamic force” whose goal is to “liberate Afghanistan from foreign occupation and establish an Islamic government there.”

Previously, there had been reports that Indian officials had established contact with a Taliban faction. This includes Mulla Baradar. India had previously been excluded from the Afghan peace process. In a way confirming India’s contact with the Taliban amid the new reality, the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman said India is in contact with all parts of Afghanistan. On the other hand, Shaheen said he would not comment on these reports as he had no information about it.

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