Imran Khan India Question in Kashmir: India takes one step towards solving the problem of Kashmir, Pakistan is ready to take two steps

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan celebrated Kashmir Solidarity Day on Friday and accused India that India was committing atrocities against the Kashmiris. Imran Khan tweeted that Pakistan has always stood for peace in the subcontinent, but it is India’s responsibility to create an atmosphere for it. He said if India shows the seriousness of a just solution to the Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions, then we are ready to take two steps towards peace.

Imran Khan said Pakistan’s desire for peace for the stability of the region should not be seen as a weakness. He said it was our strength and our confidence as a country that we were ready to take two steps forward to meet the legal aspirations of the Kashmiri people. Earlier, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson also said that it was India’s responsibility to normalize the relationship and create an atmosphere for constructive dialogue.

It’s time to spread peace in all directions: Bajwa
Imran Khan’s statement came after the statement by Army Chief General Bajwa. Pakistani army chief General Bajwa said on Tuesday that Pakistan and India should resolve the Kashmir problem in a “dignified and peaceful manner”. He said that “Pakistan and India should resolve the Jammu and Kashmir issue in a dignified and peaceful manner, in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

General Bajwa said Pakistan is a peace loving country which has made great sacrifices for regional and world peace. The Pakistani army chief said: “We are committed to following the ideal of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.” It is time to extend the hand of peace in all directions. However, he also said that the desire for peace should not be seen as a weakness. The Pakistani army has the capacity to eliminate any threat and is ready.

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