Imran Khan: Inflation in Pakistan Sugar price at record high Imran Khan Ramadan gift: Sugar price reached Rs 100 per kg in Pakistan Ramadan Imran Khan

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With Pakistani sugar prices on fire, Imran Khan gave residents an inflation giveaway of one kiloramajan for 100 rupees, Pak government backtracked offer to buy sugar in India, in Aslamabad
After flour, vegetables, eggs and chicken in Pakistan, sugar prices are also on fire. A kilogram of sugar is sold for almost Rs 100 in most parts of the country, including the capital Islamabad. Imran Khan’s government inflation bomb exploded during Ramadan, which is the poor people of Pakistan. Imran, who dreamed of a new Pakistan, had recently taken Uteron on his decision, which spoke of buying sugar from India at a cheap price.

Imran’s deputy minister engaged in the daub
Shahzad Akbar, close advisor to Imran Khan, blamed speculators for the rise in the price of sugar. Although he has his own government, he claimed that the rumor of sugar shortage had spread in the country, due to which the price had increased. He said Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had taken action against many people in the matter.

Chicken prices in Karachi-Lahore also on the seventh heaven
According to the Pakistani ARY News report, the price of live chicken in Karachi has reached Rs 370 per kg and the price of meat has reached Rs 500. A large number of local buyers have expressed their anger at the price increase of chicken meat. While the price of chicken meat in Lahore would be Rs 365 per kg.

Poor Pakistanis Don’t Even Eat Cock, Karachi Chicken Meat Price Over 500
Imran Khan fails to control inflation
Prime Minister Imran Khan last month dissolved the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) market committees to control rising inflation in the country. The decision was taken by Imran who chaired a meeting in Islamabad regarding price controls on essential commodities. In fact, there have been a lot of complaints of Miss Governance and corruption from these two states.

Imran Khan’s song of dishonor goes viral on social media, watch the creativity of Pakistanis troubled by inflation
Pakistani stove can be turned off due to lack of LPG
Pakistan is grappling with a serious gas crisis in January. Sui Northern, a gas supply company in Pakistan, faces a gas shortage of 500 million standard cubic feet per day. Due to this huge gas shortage, the company has no choice but to shut down the gas supply to the electricity sector. Pakistani government Imran Khan failed to buy gas on time, causing the country’s people to suffer.

Imran changed finance minister, but inflation did not fall
Imran Khan, who was surrounded by widespread inflation, dismissed Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh from the post of Minister of Industry and Production Hammad Azhar as the new Minister of Finance, but despite this inflation does not take not the name. Azhar is the third minister to hold the finance ministry since Imran Khan took office in 2018. Sheikh was appointed finance minister last year. However, he was not a Member of Parliament.

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