Imran Khan Jemima Goldsmith Rape: Imran Khan: Imran Khan, ex-wife surrounded by raid making Quranic statement, ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith Reham Khan criticized Pakistani PM over rape and women’s dress

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was famous for the playboy image, is gravely trapped by the rape statement. Imran Khan’s first ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith, also threw him amid criticism across the world. Jemima quoted the Quran as saying that men have learned to veil their eyes and not women to veil themselves. At the same time, Imran’s second ex-wife asked the prime minister to be quiet. Earlier, Imran Khan said Pakistani women should be veiled to avoid rape.

Jemima strongly attacked Imran Khan by tweeting. He quoted a verse from the Quran saying that it is the responsibility of men to veil themselves. Jemima said, “ Tell your followers to exercise restraint on your eyes and keep your part private on screen. She also said that the Imran Khan she knew covered men’s eyes. Later, Imran Khan’s second ex-wife, Reham Khan, also took a jibe at Jemima, who was seen in head-to-toe clothes while in Pakistan.

India and Europe accused of obscenity
Reham Khan said: “Today a young girl said she didn’t say the woman should be veiled.” Reham advises Imran that the less he talks, the better for everyone. Earlier, Imran Khan blamed India and Europe for the growing obscenity in Pakistan. In direct communication with the public, Imran Khan said in response to a question that he needed the public’s support to end the growing rape incidents in the country.
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Imran Khan said: “We must promote the culture of the Purda system so that temptation can be avoided.” Imran Khan said: “Delhi is considered a rape capital and pornography in Europe has destroyed their family system. That is why the Pakistani people should help overcome obscenity ”. After this statement from Imran Khan, he is now trolled on social media. While sharing a video of Imran Khan, people are asking Imran Khan about the advice from the screen. In this very old video of Imran Khan, he is seen in his underwear and a lady in a bikini is present with him. The two people take a bath in the sea.

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