Imran Khan: Kangal Pakistan paid 51 crore rupees for saving seized plane in Malaysia, international dishonor committed – Pakistan’s international airlines pay airline $ 7 million after plane seized in Malaysia

A week after the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane seized in Malaysia, the attitude of the Imran Khan government appears to have changed. The Pakistani national carrier has told the High Court in London that it paid an Irish airline US $ 7 million. The PIA plane was seized after a dispute over the amount of the lease in Malaysia.

Pakistan repaid $ 7 million
The PIA told a London High Court judge on Friday that it had paid Peregrine Aviation Charlie Ltd about US $ 7 million in the case of two planes leased by Dublin-based Aircap, according to World TV news. The news said lawyers for PIA and Airlines asked the court on Friday to give the next court date in the case.

Therefore, Malaysia had seized the Pakistani plane
PIA’s Boeing-777 plane was seized at Kuala Lumpur airport last week by Malaysian authorities following a local court ruling in a case related to AirCap’s non-payment of the rental amount from the plane. It is expected that the full amount will be paid under the agreement before any order is made against PIA by the court. Dublin-based Aircap’s lawyer told the court that the plaintiff’s position is that the amount was paid by the defendant (PIA) today. “

Corona broke the back of Pakistan’s aviation industry
According to reports, the court heard that the PIA had not paid the amount since July and had to pay the airlines five lakh and US $ 80,000 each month. Failure to do so was filed. The PIA said in its plea that the aviation industry has been severely affected by the Kovid-19 pandemic and therefore the amount should be reduced.

Pakistani plane seized after London High Court orders
Meanwhile, the leasing company was monitoring the activities of the PIA and as soon as it learned that flight number 895 was due to land at Malaysia’s airport, the local court under the Lease Act international civil aviation, sources said. In the application filed for the seizure of the aircraft. An airline spokesperson said the Boeing-777 plane was seized after the High Court in London issued the order.

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