imran khan mortgaging fatima jinnah park: now pakistan will promise jinna’s ‘identity’, imran khan will take rupee 500 billion loan

Pakistan’s Imran Khan government underbanked Pakistan is considering mortgaging the capital’s largest park, Islamabad. The park is located in the F-9 sector of Islamabad. The Imran Khan government is hoping that the park will get a 500 billion rupee loan on the mortgage. This proposal to mortgage the park will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday. The park is called “Fatima Jinnah Park”, sister of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

According to the report by Pakistani newspaper Dawn, the meeting will be via video link which will be hosted by Imran Khan’s office. This proposal will be discussed on Tuesday. The report says Imran Khan government will pledge federal government assets to the F-9 park due to financial overcrowding. This will give him a loan of 500 billion rupees.

The Capital Development Authority of Islamabad has already obtained a certificate of no objection in this regard. In the past, many Pakistani governments have mortgaged various institutions and buildings, but this time the Imran government is going to mortgage the park named after Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s sister. The park spans 759 acres. It is one of the largest lush green spaces in Pakistan. The park is named after Fatima Jinnah, the “mother millat” of Pakistan.

In fact, the paua-pai suffered by poor Pakistan is loaned out. This too when Imran Khan Niazi promised that after coming to power he would end the loan application process. Pakistan, which is facing a serious economic crisis, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The remaining Pakistani economy has been shattered by the Corona virus. Pakistan, which is on the threshold of Bengali, has again contracted a new loan of 1.2 billion dollars (Rs 000) to operate its economy. With this new amount of debt, Pakistan has so far raised new borrowing of 5.7 billion dollars (4 16 01, 73 50 000 Rs) during the first half of the current fiscal year.

Saudi Arabia and UAE also requested Pakistan loan
At the same time, Prime Minister Imran Khan blames previous governments for the country’s crisp economic conditions, even after leading the government for two and a half years. The situation has reached such a point in Pakistan that even the Imran Khan government has to be manipulated to pay the salaries of government employees. Pakistan’s biggest “donors” Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are looking to repay their multibillion-dollar debt. At the same time, China, Pakistan’s eternal friend, is also reluctant to give loans to Pakistan.

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