Imran Khan on Afghan Taliban: Imran Khan said Pakistan is not Taliban spokesperson, don’t blame us for Afghan violence

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Imran Khan said he was unhappy to blame Pakistan for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. Imran said Islamabad still wanted peace and the establishment of an inclusive government for the neighbors.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was regrettable to repeatedly bring allegations against his country for the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan. Imran said Islamabad has always wanted peace and the establishment of an inclusive government for its neighbor, as it would be for the good of both countries. Imran Khan in Islamabad said Pakistan is not the spokesperson for the Taliban and it has nothing to do with what the terrorist group is doing in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Prime Minister said, “What the Taliban does or does not do has nothing to do with us and we are not responsible for it, nor are we the spokesperson for the Taliban. “Pakistan has always wanted peace in Afghanistan,” he said. Khan said Pakistan is and will be ready to do everything to ensure a peaceful solution in Afghanistan. However, he denied the use of force against the Taliban.
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America failed in Afghanistan for 20 years
“We believe that Afghanistan cannot be controlled from the outside. Our policy is to maintain the best relations with the Afghan people. Referring to the US request to use Pakistani bases to conduct operations in Afghanistan, Khan said, “I don’t understand what the US can accomplish in Afghanistan by sitting outside because they have been in Afghanistan for 20 years ”.

The prime minister regretted that his country was blamed for fueling and fueling unrest in Afghanistan, and stressed that an unstable Kabul was not in Islamabad’s interest. “What could Pakistan’s interest be in a civil war in Afghanistan?” We will do everything but military action against the Taliban, because in doing so, Pakistan will not enter a single conflict. “If there is a civil war in Afghanistan, it will spread to the tribal areas of Pakistan,” the prime minister said. We can no longer tolerate this. We have already lost over 70,000 Pakistanis when the country took part in the US-led war on terrorism.
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“Pakistan still wants peace with India”
Khan also referred to Pakistan’s ties to India, saying Islamabad would not accept any participation from New Delhi in the Afghan peace process unless the “illegal decision of August 4, 2019” returns. He said: “Pakistan has always wanted peace with India, but it is India that does not want peace because it is currently under the influence of the SSR ideology.”

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