Imran Khan on Arnab Goswami controversy: Balakot: Imran Khan jumped into Arnab Goswami controversy, targeting Modi government

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan also embarked on controversy after Balakot was mentioned in Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami’s chat. Imran Khan, who encouraged Kashmiri terrorists, accused the Modi government of promoting terrorism. He claimed that the Modi government had worked to put the whole region on fire in the fight for electoral gains.

Imran Khan tweeted that the Arnab Goswami incident reveals that there is an unholy relationship between the Modi government and Indian media, who want to leave the region armed with nuclear weapons in the heat of the conflict. He alleged that the Modi government was adopting an executioner attitude and that his government would continue to disclose it. Imran demanded from the whole world that if he did not prevent India from its military program, then the Modi government would put the whole area in a crisis that cannot be controlled.

Imran Khan, who sent terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir, accused India of promoting terrorism in Pakistan. The Pakistani prime minister claimed that the Modi government executed Balakot for electoral gains. He quoted from one of his speeches at the United Nations in 2019, saying that the Modi government had used Balakot for its national electoral gains.

Previously, Pakistan’s foreign ministry also said the revelations about Arnab Goswami exposed India’s horrific thinking. Pakistan has said this for a long time. He said to discredit Pakistan and promote extremism in the country, the BJP government carried out Balakot and surgical strikes. The goal was to win the BJP election.

What is in Arnab Goswami’s alleged conversation?
These alleged discussions show that Arnab was already aware of the Balakote attack two years ago. Arnab spoke to former Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) CEO Parth Dasgupta that something big is about to happen. When Dasgupta asked Arnab if he was talking about Dawood, the Republic TV editor-in-chief told the former BARC CEO that “… no sir, Pakistan. This time … it will be bigger than the normal attack. Dasgupta replies that it is good. These WhatsApp chats are taking place on February 23, 2019.

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