Imran Khan on Kashmir in Sri Lanka: Imran Khan says in Sri Lanka Kashmir The only dispute between India and Pakistan: India opened the “ sky ” for Imran Khan, but struck the raga of Kashmir from its arrival in Sri Lanka

Even after shocking Sri Lanka, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan did not give up on raising the Kashmir issue during his visit to Colombo. Imran said the only India-Pakistan dispute problem is Kashmir and it can only be resolved through dialogue. He said that after I came to power, I suggested talks with India and Modi, but without success. I am convinced that things will finally be done. Imran’s statement came at a time when India, while softening its stance, allowed its plane to pass through its airspace.

Imran Khan, at a conference in Colombo, said: “As soon as I took office, I reached out to our neighboring country, India, and told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it was the way forward in this subcontinent. That we should resolve our differences through dialogue. I did not succeed but I am convinced that things will eventually come to fruition. Giving the example of European countries, he said that we should also live in a civilized way.
Imran Khan’s plane to reach Sri Lanka directly without cutting, India approves use of airspace
‘Kashmir is the only dispute between India and Pakistan’
Imran Khan said Kashmir is the only dispute between India and Pakistan and it can only be resolved through dialogue. Imran Khan, who sent terrorists to Kashmir, said: “We want all disputes in this subcontinent to be resolved through dialogue.” Imran showed a shrug that Pakistan can play a role in bridging the gap between the United States and China.

Previously, India had approved the use of its airspace by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. On Tuesday, Imran Khan reached Sri Lanka via India Airfield. If India does not allow the use of airspace, the Emraan plane will have to travel a long way to Sri Lanka. In 2019, Pakistan refused to open its airspace to the flights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Then PM Modi was supposed to visit America and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan attributed the alleged violation of human rights to Kashmir.
Imran Khan: Imran Khan, trying to surround Sri Lanka via China to encircle India, gave ‘greed’ to CPEC
Sri Lanka canceled Imran Khan’s proposed speech in parliament
Previously, Sri Lanka had already canceled the speech proposed by Imran Khan in Parliament. There was a lot of hue and cry in the Pakistani media and it was alleged that Sri Lanka did it under pressure from India. Sri Lanka’s Daily Express quoted Foreign Secretary Jayanath Kolambage as allegedly saying President Mahinda Yapa Abewardena requested the address be canceled due to Kovid-19.

However, the same newspaper quoted anonymous sources as saying that there were elements in the Sri Lankan government who did not want Imran to speak because he feared it would worsen relations with the Sri Lankan government. India, as relations are already plagued by the cancellation of a case at the eastern container terminal in the port of Colombo. There was speculation that Khan would raise the Kashmir issue during his speech, which could upset India. Pakistani media have aroused a lot of outrage on this aspect.

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