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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan wants “civilized” and “equal” relations with Washington, as the United States has with Britain or India. Imran said this about Pakistan’s role there and in the region after America left war-torn Afghanistan. In an interview, Imran also expressed disappointment that his efforts to normalize relations with India had made no progress, even though he approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon after taking office. August 2018.

Khan made this statement in an interview with the American newspaper ‘The New York Times’. At the same time, according to reports from Pakistani newspaper ‘The Dawn’, this interview came at a time when US President Joe Biden held the first one-on-one meeting with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani at the White House. Friday. .

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“America is near”
Khan said he has closer ties with the United States than with other countries like India in the region and is America’s partner in the war on terror. “Now, after the US leaves Afghanistan, Pakistan basically wants a decent relationship like you have with other countries and we would like to improve our trade relations with the US,” he said. .

Asked about his vision for civilized relations, Khan said he wanted a relationship “like the one between the United States and the United Kingdom or the United States and India now.” Therefore, a relationship that is equal. “Unfortunately, during the fight against terrorism, relations were a bit imbalanced,” he said.

Imran Khan made a condition of talks with India, “restore the old state of Kashmir first”
“Pakistan has paid the price”
“It was an unbalanced relationship because the United States thought it was helping Pakistan,” he said. He felt that Pakistan should obey America in such a situation. And Pakistan has had to pay a heavy price for trying to obey the United States … 70,000 Pakistanis have been killed and over $ 150 billion in damage to the economy from suicide and suicide bombings. the bomb all over the country.

Khan said the main problem with this unbalanced relationship was that “the Pakistani government tried to do what it was unable to do” and this led to “trust between the two countries”. “And Pakistanis feel they have paid a very, very heavy price for this relationship,” he said. And the United States believes Pakistan has not done enough.

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“… thus improve relations with India”
In the interview, Khan also claimed that Pakistan would have had better relations with them if there had been another government in India and that they would have resolved all their differences through dialogue.

“When I took power, I put forward the vision of (building) a normal and decent business relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi … We tried but things did not progress,” he said. he declared. Khan said: “If there had been another Indian leader there, I think we would have had a good relationship with them. And yes, we would have resolved all our differences through dialogue.

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Relations between the two countries deteriorated after India in August 2019 withdrew the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir and divided the state into two Union Territories. Regarding the status quo in Kashmir, Khan said: “I think it is a disaster for India because it will mean that this dispute will continue … and that relations between India and Pakistan – normal relations – will be (hindered) “.

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“India’s protective shield against China”
India has let Pakistan know that it wants normal relations with its neighbors, free from terrorism, enmity and violence. Khan said the US perception that India was a security blanket against China was wrong. “I think it will be detrimental for India because India’s trade with China will be beneficial for both countries,” he said. He said Pakistan “looks at the unfolding scenario with some concern.”

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Statement by Imran Khan on Kashmir

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