Imran Khan on Taliban: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says Taliban are normal civilians, not military attire

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Imran Khan calls Taliban terrorists who shed blood in Afghanistan are civilians Imran said there are 3 million refugees living in Pakistan and how to take action against them
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi called the Taliban terrorists playing Holi blood in Afghanistan ordinary citizens. He also said America ruined everything in Afghanistan. Imran said there are 3 million refugees living in Pakistan and how can Pakistan take action against them. He said most of these refugees are Pashtuns. It is the same ethnic group that is fighting in Afghanistan.

Imran Khan said in an interview with PBS: “Now they have 5 lakh people camps. The Taliban are not a military organization, they are ordinary citizens. If there are civilians in these camps, how can Pakistan take action against them. How can you call them refuge (from terrorists)? Asked about the terrorists’ refuge in Pakistan, he replied: “Where are the shelters? There are 3 million refugees in Pakistan. They are from the same ethnicity as the Taliban.
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Pakistan assists Taliban military, financial and intelligence forces
Pakistan has long been accused of providing military, financial and intelligence aid to the Taliban against the Afghan government. Imran Khan dismissed the allegations and said it was completely unfair. Imran claimed that thousands of Pakistanis lost their lives during the US war in Afghanistan. This also when Pakistan had nothing to do with this war.

Note that according to the United Nations Security Council report, 6,000 terrorists from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan are active inside the Afghan border. They are helping the Taliban. In addition, the verbal war between Pakistan and Afghanistan has escalated over allegations of aid to the Taliban. At a recent international summit in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sharply criticized Pakistan for supporting the Taliban. The great thing is that during this time Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was also seated on the stage. Ghani said Pakistan sent 10,000 jihadists to Afghanistan to help the Taliban.
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10 thousand jihadists entered from pakistan
President Ashraf Ghani told a conference on “Regional connectivity in Central and South Asia: challenges and opportunities” that intelligence agencies estimate that more than 10,000 jihadist fighters from Pakistan and other countries are entered Afghanistan last month. The infiltration of so many fighters indicates the cooperation of their allies and international terrorist organizations.

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