imran khan on the Kashmir issue: the Kashmir issue is resolved, Pakistan will no longer need a nuclear bomb: Imran Khan

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Imran Khan asserted that if the Kashmir issue is resolved, there will be no need for nuclear bombs no information for sure Islamabad
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who often threatens India with nuclear bombs, said Pakistan would no longer need nuclear bombs if the Kashmir issue was resolved. Regarding Pakistan’s rapidly growing nuclear weapons, Imran Khan said our nuclear bombs are only for our security. The Pakistani prime minister also said he had no specific information on the increase in nuclear weapons.

Imran Khan said in an interview that aired on HBO: “As far as I know, it’s not an offensive thing. Any country whose neighbor is seven times the size will be worried. Imran Khan has also said he is absolutely against nuclear weapons. The Pakistani Prime Minister said: “I have always been against it. We have fought three times with India. Then we have nuclear weapons. No war has taken place with India since then.
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“There was a skirmish with India after making the atomic bomb, not a war”
The Pakistani Prime Minister said that after making the atomic bomb we had a skirmish on the border with India but there was no war. Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “When there is a solution on the Kashmir issue, the two neighboring countries will live as a civilized citizen. We will no longer need nuclear weapons. During this interview, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who continues to “publicize” alleged Islamophobia in the world, was poorly surrounded on the issue of Uyghur Muslims.

On China’s Uyghur atrocities, Imran Khan said he was speaking behind closed doors with Beijing. Not only that, the knowledge of the “geography” of the Pakistani prime minister is also insulted internationally. Imran Khan, trapped on the Uyghurs, began to break through Kashmir-Kashmir. After that, Imran Khan said: “Why is the western country silent on the atrocities in Kashmir? On this response from Imran, when asked if China gives you money, then you shut up, then Imran started to glance at it. He said that those who are on the border of my country, I am more worried about them. Imran Khan got stuck on this once again because China’s Xinjiang province borders Pakistan. In this regard, Imran Khan clarified that he spoke of Kashmir as a “part” of his country.

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