Imran Khan: “ Our neighbor incites community violence ”, Imran targets India under pretext of killing Shiite minors – murders of Hazara Shiite minors, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accuses his neighbor of inciting sectarian terrorism

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has also accused India of killing Shiite minors killed in community violence. Making false claims, Imran Khan did not take India’s name and said his neighboring country incites communal violence in Pakistan. Imran Khan on Wednesday called on members of the Shiite Hazara community who were protesting the murder of 11 coal miners to bury the bodies of the miners. He promised to meet the protesters very soon. So that the whole world knows how non-Sunni Muslims were treated in Pakistan.

11 Shiite workers killed by ISIS
In southwest Pakistan’s Balochistan province, militants shot and killed 11 coal miners from the Shia Hazara minority community after kidnapping them. After the miners were diverted from the Masha region, the activists opened fire. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Relatives of the miners and hundreds of other members of the community launched a protest against the incident on Sunday. They demonstrate in the western bypass area of ​​Quetta by placing coffins of the bodies of the victims. They demand that the bodies not be buried until Prime Minister Khan meets and assures them.

Imran accused India of tweeting
After which Imran Khan tweeted that I am your partner in your grief and that I came to see you earlier to accompany you in times of suffering. I will be back soon to pay tribute and offer my condolences to all the (bereaved) families. I will never break the trust of my people. Please hand over the corpses of your loved ones so that their souls can rest in peace. In the next tweet, he said that I wanted to assure the families in the Hazara community who lost their loved one in the brutal terrorist attack on Mach that I understand their pain and am aware of their request. We are taking steps to prevent such attacks in the future and we know our neighbor is inciting this communal violence.

Ministers sent to meet demonstrators
Khan sent Pakistani transport minister Ali Zaidi and his foreign affairs adviser Zulfi Bukhari to meet with the protesters. Zaidi and Bukhari both belong to the Shiite community. The ministers and the chief minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, met the protesters and called on them to end the demonstration. He also asked them to bury the corpses.

Police raids
Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan said Prime Minister Khan will definitely come, the president will come, ministers and MPs will come. If the Prime Minister comes, we still have to solve our problems ourselves. Police raided several places to arrest the attackers. The Shiite political party Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) has also staged protests in Karachi to show solidarity with the victims.

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