Imran Khan: Pak Minister admitted, opposition to India is our “ Rosie Roti ”, said – Anti India Churan sells the most

The policy of the Pakistani rulers is based entirely on opposition to India. The higher the leader who hurts India, the higher the rank. A direct example of this is Imran Khan. There is hardly a day for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan when he will not make a statement against India. Recently, one of his close ministers confessed that anti-Indian sentiment is the most sold in Pakistan. Therefore, all politicians engage the most in the debate.

The livelihoods of anti-Indian Pakistani rulers
Firdaus Aashiq Awan, special assistant for information and cultural affairs in Pakistan’s Punjab province and close to Imran Khan, admitted in a conversation with Pakistani media ARY News that opposition to India is the bread and butter of leaders like him. Anchor asked that we didn’t make sure that issues like traitors, India, and Modi were used in every jumla?

‘Anti India Churan sells best’
In response to this, Firdaus Aashiq Awan said that Churan is the best-selling anti-Indian sentiment of our people. The people who sell the best also sell the most. On this subject, the presenter asked what is the government doing these days? Then Firdaus replied that not only the government, but everyone was doing it.

“Opposition spices famous for Modi”
When Anchor demanded that Anti India’s Churan sell the government, the opposition parties are not selling. On the matter, Firdaus said the opposition sold some fun and tasty spices for Modi.

Firdaus is a leader close to Imran
Firdour Aashiq Awan is a leader very close to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He also actively participated in the Imran Khan Change Movement campaign before the PTI government. Meanwhile, Imran Khan had surrounded Islamabad for nearly a month. She was also Union Minister in the Pakistan People’s Party government. In April 2019, Imran Khan in his government entrusted him with the post of Special Assistant at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

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