Imran Khan: Pakistan becomes ‘ashgah’ of Shahzadas of Dubai, Imran Khan approved hunting of protected birds – Imran Khan allowed royal family of Dubai to hunt internationally protected birds

The Pakistani government, which is battling the Bengalis, has now started to appease the sheikhs and shehzads of Dubai. The Pakistani government put its eyelashes on in the presence of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makhtoum and six other members of the royal family, who arrived in Pakistan from the Gulf. Imran Khan also gave members of the royal family special permission to hunt the internationally protected Hubara Bastard bird during the 2020-2021 hunting season.

Imran Khan used to protest in the opposition
This is what Imran Khan opposed to allow Arab royal families to hunt these unruly birds while being in opposition. However, when he formed his own government, he was busy taking the Uterns to please the Sheikhs of Dubai. According to Dawn’s report, Prime Minister Imran Khan personally issued letters of authorization to hunt the Hubra Bustard this time around.

UAE Embassy permit sent
This permit was sent to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Islamabad. Besides the ruler of Dubai, Rashi al-Makhtoum, those who have been granted permits include Wali Ahad (Crown Prince), Deputy Governor, Minister of Finance and Industry, Deputy Chief of Police, an army officer , two members of the royal family and an industrialist. .

Sheikh comes to Pakistan to hunt endangered birds
While in opposition, Khan had always opposed the hunting of birds protected by wealthy Arab families. These families come to Pakistan every year to hunt protected or endangered birds. Shahzada Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Saud of Saudi Arabia said that in 2014 he hunted 1,977 birds in sanctuaries and protected areas in 21 days, while those accompanying him hunted 123 birds. During this period, a total of 2,100 birds were hunted. He has been widely criticized, but the hunt is still ongoing.

In the past, the Prince of Arabia was allowed to hunt
Previously, under Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, buried under a billion dollar debt from Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman was allowed to kill innocent people in his country. The Imran government had approved the hunting of internationally protected Hubrao or Tilor birds to Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and two other members of his royal family. Pressure from Prince Mohammed bin Salman was that the Imran Khan government also allowed a fugitive Saudi prince to be hunted down, who did not even pay the fees last year.

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