Imran Khan: Pakistan calls on UN to ban RSS, told ‘violent nationalist organization’ – Pakistan asks UNSC to ban RSS, says violent nationalist groups should be banned like terrorist groups

Pakistan has again used the UN Security Council platform to spread propaganda and false statements against India. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations has called for the National Self-Service Association to be banned from the world’s most powerful platform. Not only that, Pakistan has also lied a lot to the UN about BJP and Kashmir.

Poison fiercely against India
Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Munir Akram on Tuesday called for the declaration of violent nationalist groups around the world as terrorist organizations at the United Nations Security Council. During his speech, he also chanted the BJP and Hindu Muslims in India, but remained silent on the situation of minorities in his country. Pakistan, which posed new threats to global peace and security, taught the world the tricks to fight terrorism.

Pakistani Ambassador Says – BJP Threatens Muslims in India
The Pakistani ambassador said the Hindu nationalist party BJP believes in Hindutva ideology. His toxic statements did not end there. Akram even said the BJP was also threatening Muslims in his country. Pakistan, which has carried out military attacks against its own people, has also suggested that the UNSC stop the rise of violent nationalism.

Knowledge of the elimination of terrorism
Pakistan, in its suggestion, called on the UNSC to call on all countries to designate their violent nationalist organizations as terrorist organizations. It should also include white supremacy, other racially and ethnically motivated groups. Apart from that, Pakistan said violent ideologies, recruitment and funding of such groups should be immediately banned.

1267 The Prohibition Committee requested an extension
Pakistan has told the UN Security Council that it should expand the 1267 sanctions committee to include nationalist terrorist groups such as the RSS. The Pakistani Ambassador gave information on all subjects except the terrorism which continues in his country, which he has nothing to do with.

Like Imran, the Pakistani ambassador shouted in Kashmir
The Pakistani ambassador did not stop here. Like his Prime Minister Imran Khan, he also criticized the Indian military for shouting Kashmir and Kashmir at the UNSC. Pakistan, which introduced terrorism to Kashmir, accused the Indian military of terrorizing people. The Pakistani ambassador said the Indian army was committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Kashmir.

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