Imran Khan: Pakistan: Imran Khan, frightened by joint opposition rallies, steps up action against anti-leaders – Imran Khan fears joint rallies of opposition parties in Pakistan, case registered against PDM leaders

The united opposition in Pakistan rocked Prime Minister Imran Khan’s presidency with rallies. For this reason, the government’s action against opposition leaders has also intensified. The administration lodged a complaint against more than 3,000 opposing party leaders and activists after the rally in Multan on Monday. These leaders are accused of protesting in the province of Punjab in violation of Kovid-19 and public security directives.

Case filed against three sons of former Prime Minister Gilani
The leaders against whom the complaint has been filed include a senior leader of the Pakistani People’s Party and three sons of former Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, special assistant to the chief minister of Punjab, said a case has been registered against the organizers of the PDM rally in Multan for violating the law in various ways. He said PDM did not follow the court order and Kovid-19 standard operating procedure in Multan. We cannot let the opposition play with people’s lives.

Anti-government rallies take place from October 16
Since October, the Pakistani Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition of 11 Pakistani opposition parties, has been mobilizing in different regions of the country. The first gathering of this alliance was held in Gujranwala on October 16, while the second was in Karachi on October 18. The third rally was held in Quetta on October 25 and the fourth in Peshawar on November 22. On Monday, a fifth rally was organized by opposition parties in the town of Multan in Punjab. The last rally will take place in Lahore on December 13.

Opposition leaders thundered in Multan on Monday
The PDM, a coalition of eleven opposition parties, held a rally at Ghantaghar Chowk in Multan on Monday evening. Major opposition parties, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), have called for a march in Islamabad next month to oust the Pakistani party government Tehreek-e-Insaf headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan. is.

Politics ignited following the arrest of Nawaz’s son-in-law
Police arrested Captain (retired) Muhammad Safdar, husband of Imran Khan’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, on the night of the October 18 Pakistani Joint Opposition rally in Karachi. However, the police also had to release him within a few hours. Because there was no solid basis for the arrest. Political unrest in Pakistan only began after Safdar’s arrest. It was later alleged that he was arrested at the request of the Pakistani government.

The army left the support of Imran Khan
The Pakistani military has also refused to help Imran Khan due to the growing pressure on him. For this reason, on the instructions of the Pakistani army chief, the chairman of the China-Pakistan economic corridor and former lieutenant-general Asim Salim Bajwa, they recently resigned for corruption. The Pakistani military will soon withdraw most of its generals from government service.

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