Imran Khan: Pakistan Maulanas Protests against Imran Khan plans to take control of mosques: Maulanas protest against Imran Khan’s law on the occupation of mosques in Pakistan

Strong points:

In Pakistan, another new problem posed to the Imran Khan government, the Pakistani Maulanas opposed the law that occupied mosques and cemeteries, religious parties in preparation for a major movement against the Imran Khan government.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s day is not going well. Imran, who is fighting a common opposition, is now openly challenged by the Maulanas of Pakistan. They said they would continue to protest the government’s plan to capture mosques and graves. He also formed a committee made up of Maulana and religious scholars from all over Pakistan.

Oppose government occupation of mosques and cemeteries
In fact, all of these Maulana oppose the Pakistani government’s Waqf Amalak Act 2020. Under this policy, the Pakistani government can take possession of any mosque or cemetery at any time. After that, protests started against Imran Khan. The Maulanas declared that mosques and cemeteries were and will remain independent. No one will be allowed to deny his freedom.

Pakistani maulana will be agitated all over the country
According to a report by Dawn, the Maulana movement is now planning to organize protests across the country. It also enjoys the support of many Pakistani opposition parties. Including Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam of Maulana Fazlur Rahman, chairman of the Pakistan Democratic Alliance, a group of opposition parties. Apart from that, many religious parties in Pakistan have mobilized against this law.

Preparations for the cross-border struggle against the government of Imran
The protests are led by Maulana Zahoor Ahmad Alvi, the Punjab leader of Faqul Madaris Arabia Pakistan, Maulana Qazi Abdur Rashid. He informed that in the coming days, teachers of madrasas, leaders of religious parties and opposition parties will jointly organize protests against the Imran Khan government. In which people will be made aware against this law of the government of Pakistan.

Imran deceives the country by making an air of Islam
Since coming to power in 2018, Imran Khan has been trying to deceive the people in the name of Islam. They often invoke Islam in their seminars and political speeches and try to distract the public from the real issues by wearing a cloak of religion. Not only that, Imran Khan is the most vocal when it comes to Muslims all over the world except China.

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