Imran Khan: Pakistan News: Rebels against Emraan Khan, situation in Bengal is in turmoil – Pakistani government employees demonstrate in Islamabad against Imran Khan government for wage increase, total debt of Pakistan

Strong points:

Demonstration by government employees in Islamabad against Imran Khan government: demanding a salary increase from the Pakistani government, police employees fired Asu gas shells at employees, many arrested in Islamabad
Government workers also took to the streets to protest Prime Minister Imran Khan, demanding a pay rise in Pakistan. At the same time, the police not only fired tear gas at these unarmed workers, but at the request of the Pakistani government, which kept everyone under control with sticks and guns, they tried to chase them away with sticks. Police also arrested several employees gathered on Wednesday near the Pakistani secretariat.

Employees take to the streets of Islamabad.
The protests took place in several areas, including the secretariat block, cabinet block and Constitution Avenue in the capital Islamabad. A large number of employees also staged protests outside the National Press Club in Islamabad. It also included staff based in Balochistan and the Punjab. The protesters then began a march towards Parliament. After that, the police grabbed sticks while firing tear gas shells.

Imran government shunned citing security
The Imran government has linked the security of the country to the movement of workers through the streets of Islamabad. Information Minister Shibli Faraj said Prime Minister Imran Khan was very concerned about the security of the red zone and the movement of employees. He claimed that Imran Khan ordered the relevant ministries to immediately resolve the personnel issues.

How will poor Pakistan raise the wages
Experts believe that the Pakistani government cannot raise the wages of employees even if they want to. Pakistan, which is financially poor, is not in such a situation that it can again spend thousands of crore rupees on the salaries of employees. Pakistan’s total budget deficit reached 8.6% of GDP. In such a situation, the Imran government does not wish to increase this deficit further.

Pongal is now backed by AfDB in Pakistan and to grant 73,000 crore loan to Imran government
A loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand on each Pakistani
There is now a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand rupees on every Pakistani. The contribution of Imran Khan’s government in this regard is Rs 54,901, or 46% of the total debt. This debt burden has increased for Pakistanis over the past two years. In other words, when Imran took power in Pakistan, every citizen of the country had a debt of Rs 119,999.

Now a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand on each Pakistani, will Imran Khan accept it by making a poor man?
Imran Khan puts billions of dollars in debt on Pakistan
A few days ago, the two-year fiscal policy statement tabled in the Pakistani parliament indicates that during the tenure of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of Imran Khan, the debt of Rs 54,901 increased on the people. Pakistan’s total public debt as of June 2018 was 120.099 billion Pakistani rupees. In the first year of the government led by Imran Khan, this amount of debt increased by 28% to 33.590 billion rupees, while in the following year it increased by 14%.

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