Imran Khan: Pakistan tests Shaheen missile: Pakistan tests Shaheen missile

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Pakistan tests Shaheen missile capable of nuclear attack, can attack up to 900 km distance
Pakistan on Friday successfully tested Shaheen 1A, a surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The Pakistani military’s Interservice Public Relations (ISPR) media arm said in a statement that the missile can successfully target targets up to 900 km away. The Shaheen 1-A is a very precise missile system thanks to its superb advanced navigation system.

Pakistan’s 5th missile test in 2021
Pakistan has so far tested a total of 5 missiles in 2021. Pakistan tested the Babur-1A cruise missile in February. Pakistan has previously fired Fatah-1, Shaheen-3 and Haft-3 (Ghaznavi) missiles. After the LoC ceasefire was agreed, Pakistan’s frequent missile tests make the difference between its words and its actions.

Babur-1A missile can be launched from sea and land
Pakistan’s Babur cruise missile is capable of attacking with conventional or nuclear warheads ranging from 450 to 500 kg. However, the range of this missile is only 450 km. However, the range of Babur-1 is 700 km and that of Babar-2 up to 750 km. It is equipped with a turbofan engine which accelerates the missile using a solid fuel rocket thruster.

Testing the Fatah-1 Guided Multi-Launch Rocket System
Pakistan had tested the Fatah-1 guided multiple-launch rocket system on January 7, 2021. Pakistan also has a missile called Fatah-1, which has a range of about 300 km. The Fatah-1 rocket is capable of reaching 140 kilometers. There are concerns that China has helped Pakistan build this rocket system. Equipped with guided rockets, they are able to hit their targets with precision.

Shaheen-3 missile is dangerous
Pakistan tested the Shaheen-3 missile on January 20. Pakistan claimed that the range of this missile, equipped with a nuclear weapons carrying capacity, was 2,750 km. This distance is sufficient to target Chennai in India. It is one of Pakistan’s solid fuel ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. Its first test was carried out in 2015. It is reported to have the highest range of any missile system in Pakistan. Previously tested Shaheen-1 has the ability to strike up to 900 km away while Shaheen-2 can strike 1500 km with nuclear warheads.

Ghaznavi missile can attack up to 290 km
On February 3, Pakistan tested the Ghaznavi or Hatf-3 missile. The missile is capable of carrying conventional warheads in addition to nuclear warheads of up to 700 kilograms up to 290 kilometers. The T-Series Gajanvi missile is a solid fuel missile. This missile can be transported anywhere by rail and road. China donated the M-11 missile to Pakistan in 1987. Pakistan built a Ghaznavi missile using M-11 technology

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