Imran Khan: Pakistan The Federal Cabinet of Imran Khan rejects the proposal to import cotton and sugar from India: Pakistan bans the import of cotton and sugar from India until the return of article 370 of the Cashmere

Strong points:

Pakistan banned the import of cotton-sugar from India until the return of Section 370. Chinese and faced with a cotton shortage, Pakistan had to import from India.
Pakistan withdrew its decision to buy sugar and cotton from India at a lower price. The Pakistani government spoke of strong opposition to those behind the overturning of this decision, but they could not explain how their people would buy cheap sugar during the month of Ramadan in Pakistan. Other than that, how will the poor of Pakistan be able to have cotton clothes made in the country at low cost on the day of Eid? In fact, Pakistani fundamentalists criticized the Imran government for bowing to India without changing Kashmir.

Pakistan dreams of the return of Article 370
Shortly after, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said the Pakistan Cabinet Economic Coordination Committee decided to abolish Article 370 implemented by Kashmir. August 5 from India. Until then, imports from India will be limited. Now India has withdrawn the Article 370 ruling from Kashmir, after which it is certain that the economic relations between Pakistan and India will remain unchanged.

Pakistani cabinet overturned decision
In the decision of the Pakistani cabinet on Thursday, it was decided to suspend the decision on the import of cotton. Earlier, the Pakistani Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee on Wednesday approved the resumption of trade with India. The committee said Pakistan would import cotton from India from June 30, 2021. The Pakistani government had also approved the import of sugar from India to the private sector.

The Pakistani Ministry of Textiles had recommended the import
Pakistan stopped imports of cotton and other agricultural products from India in 2016. Pakistani government Imran Khan approved resumption of trade with India to save Pakistan’s textile industry, sources said. rising sugar prices and crises. Between the strained relations between the two countries, this was seen as Pakistan’s first major effort to improve relations with India.

Pakistan grapples with cotton shortage
The Pakistani textile industry is going through a serious crisis due to the cotton shortage. The Pakistani Ministry of Textiles had recommended the removal of the import ban on cotton from India in order to eliminate the shortage of raw materials. Under this pressure, the Imran Khan government initially approved the import of cotton but rejected it when political parties began to surround them.

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