Imran Khan: Pakistani Election Commission rejects Prime Minister Imran Khan’s accusations Senate election 2021: Pakistani Election Commission responded to questioning of Imran Khan’s defeat in senatorial elections

Strong points:

Pakistan’s Election Commission fiercely shot at Imran Khan’s allegations: The Election Commission said – politicians and political parties should have the courage to accept defeat.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was flogged by his own country’s Election Commission (ECP). The Election Commission, in its statement, targeted Imran, saying that where he won the same election he applauded but when he lost he started raising questions. In fact, Imran Khan, who was shocked by his finance minister’s defeat in the Pakistani Senate by-election, cried a lot while addressing Awam on Thursday. He claimed that there was a secret ballot in the Senate election in collusion with the Election Commission. For this reason, many MPs from his party were sold and Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh had to face defeat. after what

Wow if you win don’t accept it if you lose.
After which the Pakistani Election Commission issued a statement saying it is shocking that under the same staff under the same roof in the same staff in which they won is acceptable and what they lost is unacceptable is? The Election Commission wondered if this was not an open contradiction? The Commission also rejected Imran Khan’s claim that the Election Commission helped the opposition to secure dishonest votes.

If the election was rigged, present evidence
The Election Commission added that this is the beauty of democracy and free elections and free elections, which the whole country has witnessed and which have been constitutionally mandated. The commission even said that every political party and every politician should have the courage to give up. The Commission said if someone disagreed with our results, they should present evidence.

Election commission said: don’t throw mud at us
The Pakistan Election Commission said if we can listen to your recommendations, why can’t we hear your complaints? Don’t throw mud at us. Please consider something. The ECP said the senatorial elections were conducted in accordance with the law and the constitution and proceeded satisfactorily. The commission said statements made by politicians in the media are tragic, especially what some members of the federal cabinet and Prime Minister Imran Khan said in their speech yesterday.

What did Imran Khan say about the electoral commission?
Imran Khan, in his address to the country yesterday, described Pakistan’s Election Commission as standing alongside opposition parties. In fact, Imran Khan did not feel better than the Election Commission to recover from defeat. He said that the Aaj Tak Senate by-elections were conducted by direct vote. This time, the opposition parties filed a petition in the Supreme Court and demanded to do so indirectly. This was also supported by the Pakistani Election Commission. All these people wanted to try to buy our members of Parliament by organizing indirect elections, which they succeeded.

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