Imran Khan: Pakistani parliamentary committee on national security meets Army and ISI warn leaders: Pakistani army and ISI warn during parliamentary committee on national security meeting

The Pakistani military and ISI intelligence agency berated the country’s arrogant rulers. The military even advised leaders to avoid divisive policies on matters of national interest. He warned that strategic challenges and changes in foreign relations could be fatal for the country. America was very angry with Imran Khan’s statement a few days ago. Not only that, because of the rulers’ dirty policy, Pakistan’s relationship with France is at an all-time low.

Pakistani army chiefs attack politics squarely
The military and the ISI told political leaders it was important to maintain consensus on issues of national concern given the situation. Politics should be limited to governance and related political issues. What is seen as an indirect warning given by the military in Pakistani political circles. Due to the rhetoric made at the highest political level in Pakistan, diplomatic relations have been severely affected.

ISI chief informed
Lieutenant-General Faiz Hameed, director general of the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (IS), briefed the parliamentary committee on national security on the situation after America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, developments in Jammu and Kashmir, relations with China and America. . At the meeting, Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa also briefed leaders on the situation in the country.

Pak will not participate in any other country’s war
The meeting took place in the presence of the chief ministers of the provinces as well as members of the parties represented in the two chambers forming part of the parliamentary committee. The army chief told leaders involved in the meeting that Imran Khan’s government has decided to continue relations with other countries on an equal basis. Apart from that, it was also decided that Pakistan would not participate in any conflict with any other country. Let us tell you that Pakistan has helped America fight terrorism. For which a great price had to be paid.

Outside forces increase pressure on Pakistan
Army chief General Bajwa, while describing the future of Pakistan, warned of the future. He said that outside forces have already started to put pressure on Pakistan. This is the reason why despite the implementation of 26 of the 27 action plans, Pakistan has been kept on the FATF gray list. Islamabad has also been called upon to implement the six-point action plan proposed by the Asia-Pacific Group, a regional partner of the FATF.

Warned of Pakistan’s fate
The leaders were also informed at this meeting that outside forces are increasing their influence in the country. The rise of terrorism in Balochistan and the attack in Lahore last week stem from this. In the coming days, the International Monetary Fund could increase the pressure on Pakistan. In addition, efforts can be made to target China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. There was further concern that there was an attempt to intimidate Pakistan’s foreign investors.

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