Imran Khan: Pakistani police brutality, 21-year-old man shot dead 22 for failing to stop car – Islamabad police gunned down 21-year-old man for failing to stop his car

Not only the Pakistani army, but the police there are also creating new records of atrocities against their people. Having failed to stop the car in the early hours of Saturday, police sacked a 21-year-old man with bullets. After which, the young man died before arriving at the hospital. It is said that the police fired a total of 22 bullets at the young man.

The police fired 22 bullets
According to Pakistani media, the incident happened in Islamabad around 2 a.m. on Saturday. Usama Satti was driving a car. When the police did not stop the car, the soldiers started shooting deadly weapons at it. During this time, a total of 17 bullets were hit in the young man’s body. Because of which he died on the spot.

Father demands justice from Imran Khan
The victim’s father appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for justice for his son killed at the hands of the police. Describing the incident, the victim’s father said the police officer (SSO) himself admitted that Osama was innocent. However, the police did not make any official statement afterwards.

5 police officers arrested, social networks are boiling
There was huge anger with the police on social media over this. As a result, five police officers allegedly involved in the crime were arrested in this case. People have questioned the alleged involvement of the police on social media in the increase in crime in Islamabad.

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